minimal design


The classic Tea Warmer from danish Menu, designed by Norm, has gotten a little accessory: MenuTea Warmer. Beautiful. [Menu via Acquire]


Viccarbe Maarten chair by spanish Enblanc studio, combines the minimal lines wit a upholstered seat that recall the classics of the’70s. [Viccarbe via TheMag]


Biomega has unleashed their OKO, a brother to Marc Newson’s SYD and CPH bikes, that combines carbon fiber with aluminum in one simple transition. [FastCoDesign]


Silla Green (Green Chair) by spanish Javier Mariscal, highlights the contrast between the dark grey seat, and the wooden base, by its sharp polygonal geometrical shape. [Javier Mariscal via plataformaarquitectura]


The use of cork gives it the air of something simple, typical of an everyday product. The cap is the element that unifies and personalizes the whole range. [Lavernia & Cienfuegos via LovelyPackage]


Lakonis Architekten did with the renovation of the top floors of this historic building in Vienna, Austria. At first glance you see a classic four-story corner building; then looking up you spot a modern roof structure that is made of steel, wood, and concrete.

[Lakonis Architekten via DesignMilk]


Rechner Calculator by Berger & Föhr [Rechner via Visuelle]


KUTASY Wine packaging, is a great example of something minimal and contemporary. [Zsombor Kiss via TheDieline]


Colette + Vipp. Perfect. [Colette]


Entirely made of only four parts, this stool is industrialized minimalism at its best [Paul Isabella via Selectism]